We’re Off To Singapore!

Hello friends and family! This is a very quick update just to let you know what Emmaline and I are up to right now. On Thursday morning, we leave for almost two weeks to go to a tiny country called Singapore. If you can pick it out on a map before looking at the picture below, I will be impressed!

singapore on a map

Why Singapore?

Circuit Riders has actually been connected with a church in Singapore called Cornerstone for some time. Now, a small team of us are going to Singapore to run a one-week 21 Project training school. Over 200 Singaporeans have signed up and we will be running tracks for messengers, media, missions, and music. Emmaline is helping with music and I am helping with messengers.

Since I don’t have much time to write, I wanted to let you all know that we are going and ask that you would be praying for us in a few areas.

Prayer Requests

– Health. Emmaline doesn’t have the best health and long trips like this to new areas are very difficult on her body. Pray for supernatural grace for her to have health. Pray that we can find food for her to eat that she is not allergic to.

– We’re dreaming of doing college tours in Singapore next spring. Pray that God would open doors for us to reach young people on the campuses of Singapore and other nations throughout Southeast Asia.

– Pray for God to move in power during the school and to mark students with his love. Pray that God would meet with students individually in a way that changes them forever.

– Finally, pray for favor for us with everyone we come in contact with and that God would have his way in Singapore!

Final Note

Although I haven’t written anything in depth about it yet, we also recently finished running our flagship 21 Project in Kona, Hawaii. We had over 370 young people attend the school, representing well over 100 college campuses in America! We filled up every bed on YWAM’s largest campus in the world for this school. I’ll write more about both of these 21 Project schools once I’m back. I love you all! -Miles

P.S. You should look up pictures of Singapore for fun. It’s beautiful! Here are two to give you a sneak peek!


singapore trees

We’re Married!

milesemma-01373.jpgOn June 17th, in Kona, Hawaii, Emmaline and I said, “I do”. The day was filled with fun, the Lord’s presence, some rain during the reception, and shoving cake in each other’s faces. It was the perfect day! We are now embarking on the most exciting adventure with each other and with Jesus. We are so grateful to our friends and family who flew across an ocean to join us, everyone who watched the live stream, the extravagant gifts that poured in, and our families who made everything possible. We love you all so much! Stay tuned on Facebook as we will be posting more wedding photos as we go!

Looking forward for the Pennell’s, we will be in Kona until August 7th when we return to Huntington Beach. During this time, we will be helping run our flagship Circuit Rider training school called 21 Project. Emmaline is speaking several times and is helping with the music track and I will be investing my time in training up Gospel messengers who can reach the lost on their campuses. Over 300 students have signed up, representing well over 100 universities, so this is going to be an exciting summer!

As a married couple, we are continuing in our trajectory with the Lord as full-time missionaries with Circuit Riders. God has clearly called us both to give our lives fully to serving him and seeing the Gospel go out in America and the nations of the earth. Miles will continue spearheading campus tours across America and Emmaline will be working to craft worship songs and continue her development as a worship leader. Whether we’re working on a campus or just seeking God on our own, we both know that we’re called to help fulfill the Great Commission and see the world come to know Jesus.

Carry The Love Final Stats

ctl_flagAs a final touch on our Carry The Love tour for 2017, we added up everything and realized that across campuses in America we saw the following take place:

  • 7,790 gathered 
  • 474 saved 
  • 320 physically healed

It’s amazing what God did this year! Thanks for your commitment to colleges and seeing students become disciples of Jesus! To see more specific details of how God moved on campuses this spring, check out my older blog posts.

Join Us For A Year!


If you are reading this and are sparked by the tasks the Lord has given us, we invite you to join our support team for our first year of marriage (if you have not already done so). As you probably know, expenses go through the roof the day you get married and we are looking to increase our generous team of partners.

If you are interested, please pray about joining us for monthly amounts of $10, $25, $50, $100, or whatever the Lord leads you to invest. Everything we accomplish we are able to do because of the support of friends and family who believe in us and give financially to make our work on campuses possible.

You can join us by giving through the link below. All donations are tax-deductible are possible to setup on a recurring basis.


We love you all!

Miles and Emmaline Pennell

PA and OH Testimonies

Dear friends and family, Happy Easter! It’s a few days late, but he is still risen (he is risen indeed)! Amidst all the April showers, God has been showering down his love and mercy both on campuses and in my personal life.

It’s less than two months until I get to marry my beautiful bride-to-be Emmaline Elliott on June 17. I never could have guessed God had someone as amazing as her planned for me. She is so fun, smart, beautiful, capable, loving, and a perfect match for me. Our time on tour has been so fun as we get to minister together because it’s just a glimpse of what God has in store for our future together. Most nights she has led worship and I have preached. She’s the best and I’m so grateful for her!

Since I wrote last, we have spent three weeks on tour in Pennsylvania and now almost three weeks in Ohio. In Pennsylvania, God brought life to campuses, particularly at UPenn where 9 people gave their lives to Jesus and believers came evangelizing with us for the first time on their own campus.

In Ohio, we’ve seen God save at least 10 people in the last couple weeks and bring physically healing to well over 40 people! At Bowling Green State University, I preached a message on repenting of unbelief and exchanging it for a life of faith. As people chose a lifestyle of faith, God began to move in power in the room. One girl had her back healed in her moment of repentance. Another girl named Monica, after suffering from two years of depression, was grinning from ear-to-ear and laughing as depression left and she received the joy of the Lord. As depression left, so did her shoulder and neck pain. Person after person continued to come up to the stage to tell of what God had done for them. By the end, 15 people had been physically healed! Here’s a link to the testimony time on FB: Healing Testimonies Video

Although we’re seeing God move in love and power almost every day, seeing his goodness only makes me long more and more for the lost to know Jesus. Although the testimonies and faithfulness of God keep me going, I spend every day walking past thousands of students who have yet to know the love of Jesus. I’m believing for the day when the love of Jesus will be put on display so brightly that all will hear and see his goodness! Please continue to pray for the lost on campuses and in America to know Jesus.

As always, thank you for your love, support, and prayers over my life. God is reviving believers and he’s saving the lost. Everywhere we go we hear believers saying, “We’ve never seen anything like this happen before!” I think that’s ultimately our journey with Jesus. Every time we think we have it figured out, Jesus does something that blows our minds and shows us how much bigger and better he actually is. I love you all so much and hope you’re encouraged by the continued testimonies of what’s happening on campuses.

Special shoutout to the Celebration Church family in Lewistown. I love you guys so much!


Florida Carry The Love Highlights!

Hi friends and family! Since I wrote last, a lot has happened! In mid-January, we left for tour in Florida. In 3 weeks in Florida, the team I helped lead saw well over 40 confirmed physical healings, at least 15 salvations, and countless students encounter the love of Jesus. Our other team in Florida saw over 40 salvations and our high school team in Florida saw over 100 salvations in 1 week! Needless to say, Florida is ready for the Gospel of Jesus!

Our approach at campuses this year is a little different than it was last year. This year we go to a campus on day 1 and host a unifying student event that includes worship, a message, and a call to action. We then spend a second day on each campus, discipling students in the kingdom of Jesus through Bible studies and doing evangelism. Two weeks later we come back for a third day to bring students with us in doing evangelism on campus.

While in Florida, we went to University of North Florida, Florida State, Stetson University, University of Central Florida, University of Florida, and Southeastern University. Throughout our time in Florida, we witnessed dozens of students respond fully in surrender to God’s call on their lives. For many, they agreed with God about becoming foreign missionaries, for other it looked like fully surrendering to going into music or into business for the sake of the Kingdom. Each day, God was faithful to show up in his presence and change people’s lives. Many students told us they began to hear the voice of God for the first time.


Preaching at Southeastern

Southeastern University Faith Explosion

At Southeastern University, a small Christian Assemblies of God university, God moved like I’ve never seen on a campus. Going in to the day, the campus quietly went about its business, most students unaware of what was about to happen. By the end of our second day on campus, close to 20 students had been physically healed, dozens had encountered God during our event, and the atmosphere of the campus felt completely different. Faith hit the campus! God came in such a strong way during the event that students were laying on the ground weeping under his presence as he spoke to them about his love for them and what he created them to do. Outside the event, students with broken legs, injured backs, and torn rotator cuffs were getting healed on the spot. Several students had doctors appointments within the next couple of days that confirmed with x-rays that the healings were real! 

My favorite part of this was when a student on campus came up to our student host and asked the question, “what is happening on campus? It feels different here!” Our student host responded by telling him about how God was moving on campus. Praise Jesus for changing students’ lives on college campuses!

Deaf Ears Opened


Anne and Me

This is my new friend Anne. Anne joined us for our Carry The Love event at the University of Central Florida. Going in to the night, Anne suffered severe hearing loss. She could hear sounds, but her brain was unable to process words. Functionally, Anne was deaf. She had been part of the deaf community since she was young and she read lips to hold conversations.

During the night, without anyone even praying for her, God opened her ears to hear again! In one sovereign moment, she was able to hear and understand again. I met her a week later (when I took this picture) and asked her about the moment. She said she was healed on the spot and now her whole life is different. As she spoke, I could see her still reading my lips out of habit. She even turned around and had me ask her questions without her seeing me to prove that she could hear me. She could hear! God is still the God who opens deaf ears!

The work God was doing in Florida continued as we moved to the Northeast. I’ll share more about what happened in the Northeast in my next update. In summary, God is alive, students are hungry for the Gospel, and a movement of revival and awakening is slowly beginning to creep across our campuses. Continue to pray that God releases salvations in the thousands and changes our campuses from havens for atheistic thinking to places where the glory of God dwells!

Follow this link below to hear my message at UPenn. Ten students responded to this message by giving their lives to Jesus. 4 or 5 students were also physically healed in the prayer time following this message. I’m preaching out of John 8 and 9 in this message. 

Miles Preaching at UPenn

Falling In Love With Jesus

This Fall season was a whirlwind. Let me hit you with a few highlights.

  • 60+ students moved here to attend our Circuit Rider Experience school. These students have been getting trained all fall to go with us to campuses this spring. We’ve been blessed to hear from guest speakers like Daniel Kolenda, Michael Koulianos, David Gava, Brian Brennt, Andy Byrd, and many others!
  • I’ve been leading a house of 12 guys since September. Every guy in my house is incredible and loves Jesus. These men are stoked to take the Gospel to the nation when January hits!
  • This month marks my 9th month of dating my wonderful girlfriend, Emmaline Elliott. She is so fun, beautiful, and in love with God. I can’t believe I get to date her and work alongside her.
  • I spent a week in Northern California and a week in Orlando setting up spring Circuits. All along the way we find students who are hungry and ready for a Jesus movement on their campus. This upcoming tour is going to see more fruit than ever before!
  • On a day-to-day basis, I lead regional tour teams and run our office. This past summer I was asked to make a two year commitment to Circuit Riders to help build Circuits across America and run our office work zone. I said yes and have been loving every minute of what I do. I work alongside some of the best people I know and we get to work every day to save the lost, revive the saved, and train them all.

What’s Next?

Carry The Love’s 2017 tour may be coming to a campus and region near you! After going to 150 campuses in over 40 states this past spring, God is asking us to do something a little different. We are going to fewer locations, but spending more time at each one. We will spend three days at every school we go to, reaching about 100 nationwide.

I am leading tour teams to Orlando and Northern Florida, Pennsylvania (primarily Philadelphia), and Ohio. Our tour begins mid-January and ends at the end of April. In addition to our campus events, we are hosting regional gatherings to gather people for the purpose of seeing people sent out as missionaries, wherever their missions field may be! The map below shows where we are going on tour this year.


I’ll post more updates as we get closer to tour. I am so incredibly grateful to everyone who supports me and prays for me. I was on a call yesterday with a friend who notified me that he and his wife pray for me every night. I was overwhelmed on the call with gratefulness for the way they care for me and what the Lord’s doing in my life. I love you and hope the Lord speaks to you and encounters you in a fresh way today!

Final Thoughts

I don’t want to get mushy or sappy on a blog post, but I just really love Jesus. The more I study the Gospel and get to know him, the more I stand in wonder of God’s character and what he has done for me. My favorite part of every day is waking up, speaking with him, reading the word, and worshiping him. I’m in ministry, but it’s only because I love Jesus.

I know it sounds weird, but I was recently meditating on why I have a heart to see others come to know Jesus. I felt the Lord tell me it’s because I know Jesus. Because I know him personally, have his Spirit within me, and care deeply about his thoughts and affections, it draws me to others. His desire is that none should perish and all should come to repentance. Because that’s his desire, it has become my desire. When your best friend really wants something, you naturally want to help them get it. Until that happens, I’ll continue to give my years away for a cause that is far greater than anything else I can imagine – presenting Jesus to a broken world. He is the solution, his love is the best, and I want everyone to know Him.

Keep seeking him. His promise is that he will be found by you if you search for him with all your heart (Jeremiah 29:13)!


Love Arkansas

Hi Friends! I hope you had an amazing summer and are transitioning smoothly back into the flow of fall.

After a summer highlighted by Together 2016 and 21 Project (which drew over 200 students to Huntington Beach for 3 weeks of training), my summer culminated with an event in Fayetteville, Arkansas called Love Arkansas. Ultimately, we estimate that over 600 people showed up and at least 20 gave their lives to Jesus!

Since March, my friend Zach Nash and I have been working with a ministry called The Link to host an outdoor evangelistic event at the University of Arkansas. God provided miracles of finances to get a team of 14 of us there, including the Circuit Rider band. More importantly, he provided a miracle of salvation as students gave their lives for eternity to Jesus!

img_8980This is one of the first outdoor events on a college campus that Circuit Riders has been involved with. We united with 5 other ministries to make this event happen. We spent five days before the event handing out flyers on campus, hoping people would come. Ultimately, the result was in God’s hands.

I’m struggling to find words to describe what happened with Love Arkansas. You know those moments where something was so obviously a miracle of God that you look back and can hardly describe how it even happened? That’s what this was like. With that being said, I’ll do my best to outline this miracle.

First, we had an excellent, nationally known speaker scheduled for the event named Nabeel Qureshi. He’s the author of the book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. Unfortunately, 3 days before our event, Nabeel emailed us and told us he couldn’t come due to health reasons. Suddenly, Zach and I became the speakers for the event. We prayed about who should speak and felt that Zach should give a Gospel call and I would give a commissioning call at the end for people to lay down their lives to see others know him.

Second, it was supposed to rain. But, it didn’t.

Third, we honestly had no idea if anyone would actually show up. As our start time approached, not a lot of people were there. We had a dj playing music that we hoped would gather people and, as he continued to play, God drew people in. By the time we started worship and the sun set, we estimate that around 600 people gathered outdoor to worship and hear the Gospel.

The presence of God was thick in the Greek Theatre. Although we had sound problems that made us transition from wild dj music to suddenly only an acoustic guitar playing How He Loves, no one moved a muscle. We expected people to leave, but instead God drew everyone closer. We looked around and saw eyes shut, hands raised, and hearts encountering the love of Jesus. The presence of the Lord I sensed in that theatre was different than I’d experienced before. It felt as though the Lord was there for one purpose, to save. And save he did! We couldn’t get an exact count on the number, but somewhere around 20 people or more surrendered their lives to Jesus!

From Azusa Now to Together 2016 to Love Arkansas, I believe these events are all early tastes of God drawing the church out of its four walls. I don’t know how to explain it except to say that there’s something different about preaching the Gospel outdoors. It seems like there’s a unique anointing to do that. There’s a reason the old school revivalists like George Whitefield, John Wesley, and Jonathan Edwards often orated outdoors to crowds of thousands, it’s where the lost people are.

I love all of you so much and hope this account of what’s happening right now on college campuses in America encourages you! Keep pressing in for his kingdom. It is at hand!



Check out this slideshow of pictures from Love Arkansas below! All photos were taken by Grace Boyer – https://graceboyerphotography.wordpress.com/

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Healings Break Out At Universities

Going on tour after Azusa Now was like injecting a car going full speed with Nitrous oxide. We didn’t even realize what was possible until God began to do it.

Our increasing awe of God began on the drive up from Huntington Beach to Butte, MT. Along the way, we stopped at a Starbucks and bumped into a guy named Ryan who was trying to sell us a crystal rock to raise money to buy Starbucks (addictions, right?). Instead of buying his rock, I offered to buy him Starbucks. While standing in line, I began talking to him about his life and found out that he had some pretty wild views on Jesus… and a vertebrae painfully out of alignment in his back.

I prayed for him and commanded his back to align. I then asked him how he felt and a shocked look came over his face as he twisted from side to side to see how his back felt. He immediately said that all the pain was gone and that he couldn’t believe it! Strangers cast curious glances at us from all over the store as God healed Ryan on the spot! What I loved about this was that Ryan’s views on God didn’t even notably change in that moment; God just healed him because he loves him that much.

After puttering the rest of our way up to Montana, we settled in for two weeks of touring that included 4 college events in Montana; 1 each in Spokane, Idaho, and Eastern Oregon; two Sunday services at local churches; and a city-wide worship night at a local church. In summary, we saw at least 21 people give or recommit their lives to Jesus and we saw over 50 people experience physical healing in their bodies! Here’s a few of the highlights.

Montana State University Holy Spirit Releasing

Our night at MSU was unbelievable. After preaching for only about 20 minutes, the room responded by praying for one another for healing. At least 10 people were physically healed. One particular case was astonishing as a girl with scoliosis (curvature of the spine) asked for prayer. One of the girls on our team put her hand on her back and, as she prayed, she actually felt the girl’s spine move and pop under her hand. The girl stood astonished as Jesus actually straightened her spine and healed her scoliosis!

After the healings, Chi Alpha leader Timbo gave an alter call and 10 people gave or recommitted their lives to the Lord. We responded with over an hour of worship after all of this! At one point we had the students raise their shoes above their heads and declare they were going to reach their campus with the love of Jesus. Check out this picture below!


University of Montana Epilepsy Healing

At the University of Montana we preached the Gospel and then prayed for the sick at the end of the night. One girl asked for prayer because she had epilepsy. At the time, it had been 11 months since she had a seizure, but she was also on medication to prevent seizures. As others around her prayed, she was so filled with faith that she was healed that told everyone around her she was healed. Now I don’t know about you, but it’s kind of hard to tell if someone with epilepsy is healed because you have no way to test it. I thought the moment was exciting but then I moved on and forgot about it.

However, last week my sister Tori actually called this girl and asked how she was doing. The girl told Tori that she stopped taking her medication that night, despite the concerned pleas of her family members, and that she has not had a seizure since then! It has now been 13 months since she has had a seizure, which eclipses the time period doctors require to clinically state that someone is no longer epileptic! Praise Jesus! Furthermore, the Lord actually spoke to this girl to move to California and join our team for this upcoming year! I’ll be seeing her soon.

Eastern Oregon University Heart Healing & More

At Eastern Oregon University, the final night of the tour, the Lord told me to preach a very straightforward Gospel message. I shared some of my testimony, talked about what Jesus did for us on the cross, and invited people to give their lives to him and pour out everything at his feet like Mary of Bethany. In response, 8 people in the room responded immediately to give their lives to him! What happened next was incredible.

Within 5 minutes of these people giving their lives to Jesus we asked if anyone in the room needed physical healing. Several people raised their hands and the rest of the room gathered to pray for them. One of the guys in the room (unfortunately I can’t remember his name) had just given his life to Jesus and then also raised his hand for prayer. Within 30 seconds of someone praying for him, he was already moving around in excitement. I found out later that he had just given his life to Jesus and then his neck was immediately healed from stiffness, pain, and limited mobility. How good is Jesus?! After our event this guy was going up to each member of our team and telling us how he came in to that night in chains and bondage and now he was leaving with freedom, joy, and healing. It was literally a night and day difference in his life and he couldn’t keep quiet about it! Isn’t it true that people who encounter the reality of Jesus’ love immediately become the best evangelists? This guy was not going to keep silent about what happened to him.

After his neck was healed, he was so excited that he went up to another girl and started praying for her healing! Another guy in the room who had just been healed of a knee problem that had kept him from being able to weight lift also went up to her to pray. I interrupted the prayer time a couple minutes later to see what was happening. I asked her what was going on and she told me that she had a heart problem that caused her to have pain in her chest every time she breathed. With tears in her eyes she told me that all the pain was gone for the first time and that Jesus had just healed her! She embraced one of her friends and broke down crying out of joy.

This night as Eastern Oregon was unreal. It felt like real revival with people getting saved, healed, and immediately activated to share the love of Jesus with others. The final story from this event I will share involved a lady who brought her whole family with her. When we entered the ministry time at the end of the night, one of the girls on our team, Yesenia, went to pray for her and found out that this lady had Stage 4 terminal cancer. The cancer actually manifested by causing her constant pain in her stomach. Yesenia prayed for her and the pain immediately left her body!

I don’t know how it all works, but what I do know is that cancer, scoliosis, torn ligaments, heart problems, ruptured discs, and more bow to the name of Jesus! May His name be praised on every campus in this nation!

I love you guys!