We’re Off To Singapore!

Hello friends and family! This is a very quick update just to let you know what Emmaline and I are up to right now. On Thursday morning, we leave for almost two weeks to go to a tiny country called Singapore. If you can pick it out on a map before looking at the picture below, I will be impressed!

singapore on a map

Why Singapore?

Circuit Riders has actually been connected with a church in Singapore called Cornerstone for some time. Now, a small team of us are going to Singapore to run a one-week 21 Project training school. Over 200 Singaporeans have signed up and we will be running tracks for messengers, media, missions, and music. Emmaline is helping with music and I am helping with messengers.

Since I don’t have much time to write, I wanted to let you all know that we are going and ask that you would be praying for us in a few areas.

Prayer Requests

– Health. Emmaline doesn’t have the best health and long trips like this to new areas are very difficult on her body. Pray for supernatural grace for her to have health. Pray that we can find food for her to eat that she is not allergic to.

– We’re dreaming of doing college tours in Singapore next spring. Pray that God would open doors for us to reach young people on the campuses of Singapore and other nations throughout Southeast Asia.

– Pray for God to move in power during the school and to mark students with his love. Pray that God would meet with students individually in a way that changes them forever.

– Finally, pray for favor for us with everyone we come in contact with and that God would have his way in Singapore!

Final Note

Although I haven’t written anything in depth about it yet, we also recently finished running our flagship 21 Project in Kona, Hawaii. We had over 370 young people attend the school, representing well over 100 college campuses in America! We filled up every bed on YWAM’s largest campus in the world for this school. I’ll write more about both of these 21 Project schools once I’m back. I love you all! -Miles

P.S. You should look up pictures of Singapore for fun. It’s beautiful! Here are two to give you a sneak peek!


singapore trees


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