PA and OH Testimonies

Dear friends and family, Happy Easter! It’s a few days late, but he is still risen (he is risen indeed)! Amidst all the April showers, God has been showering down his love and mercy both on campuses and in my personal life.

It’s less than two months until I get to marry my beautiful bride-to-be Emmaline Elliott on June 17. I never could have guessed God had someone as amazing as her planned for me. She is so fun, smart, beautiful, capable, loving, and a perfect match for me. Our time on tour has been so fun as we get to minister together because it’s just a glimpse of what God has in store for our future together. Most nights she has led worship and I have preached. She’s the best and I’m so grateful for her!

Since I wrote last, we have spent three weeks on tour in Pennsylvania and now almost three weeks in Ohio. In Pennsylvania, God brought life to campuses, particularly at UPenn where 9 people gave their lives to Jesus and believers came evangelizing with us for the first time on their own campus.

In Ohio, we’ve seen God save at least 10 people in the last couple weeks and bring physically healing to well over 40 people! At Bowling Green State University, I preached a message on repenting of unbelief and exchanging it for a life of faith. As people chose a lifestyle of faith, God began to move in power in the room. One girl had her back healed in her moment of repentance. Another girl named Monica, after suffering from two years of depression, was grinning from ear-to-ear and laughing as depression left and she received the joy of the Lord. As depression left, so did her shoulder and neck pain. Person after person continued to come up to the stage to tell of what God had done for them. By the end, 15 people had been physically healed! Here’s a link to the testimony time on FB: Healing Testimonies Video

Although we’re seeing God move in love and power almost every day, seeing his goodness only makes me long more and more for the lost to know Jesus. Although the testimonies and faithfulness of God keep me going, I spend every day walking past thousands of students who have yet to know the love of Jesus. I’m believing for the day when the love of Jesus will be put on display so brightly that all will hear and see his goodness! Please continue to pray for the lost on campuses and in America to know Jesus.

As always, thank you for your love, support, and prayers over my life. God is reviving believers and he’s saving the lost. Everywhere we go we hear believers saying, “We’ve never seen anything like this happen before!” I think that’s ultimately our journey with Jesus. Every time we think we have it figured out, Jesus does something that blows our minds and shows us how much bigger and better he actually is. I love you all so much and hope you’re encouraged by the continued testimonies of what’s happening on campuses.

Special shoutout to the Celebration Church family in Lewistown. I love you guys so much!



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