Florida Carry The Love Highlights!

Hi friends and family! Since I wrote last, a lot has happened! In mid-January, we left for tour in Florida. In 3 weeks in Florida, the team I helped lead saw well over 40 confirmed physical healings, at least 15 salvations, and countless students encounter the love of Jesus. Our other team in Florida saw over 40 salvations and our high school team in Florida saw over 100 salvations in 1 week! Needless to say, Florida is ready for the Gospel of Jesus!

Our approach at campuses this year is a little different than it was last year. This year we go to a campus on day 1 and host a unifying student event that includes worship, a message, and a call to action. We then spend a second day on each campus, discipling students in the kingdom of Jesus through Bible studies and doing evangelism. Two weeks later we come back for a third day to bring students with us in doing evangelism on campus.

While in Florida, we went to University of North Florida, Florida State, Stetson University, University of Central Florida, University of Florida, and Southeastern University. Throughout our time in Florida, we witnessed dozens of students respond fully in surrender to God’s call on their lives. For many, they agreed with God about becoming foreign missionaries, for other it looked like fully surrendering to going into music or into business for the sake of the Kingdom. Each day, God was faithful to show up in his presence and change people’s lives. Many students told us they began to hear the voice of God for the first time.


Preaching at Southeastern

Southeastern University Faith Explosion

At Southeastern University, a small Christian Assemblies of God university, God moved like I’ve never seen on a campus. Going in to the day, the campus quietly went about its business, most students unaware of what was about to happen. By the end of our second day on campus, close to 20 students had been physically healed, dozens had encountered God during our event, and the atmosphere of the campus felt completely different. Faith hit the campus! God came in such a strong way during the event that students were laying on the ground weeping under his presence as he spoke to them about his love for them and what he created them to do. Outside the event, students with broken legs, injured backs, and torn rotator cuffs were getting healed on the spot. Several students had doctors appointments within the next couple of days that confirmed with x-rays that the healings were real! 

My favorite part of this was when a student on campus came up to our student host and asked the question, “what is happening on campus? It feels different here!” Our student host responded by telling him about how God was moving on campus. Praise Jesus for changing students’ lives on college campuses!

Deaf Ears Opened


Anne and Me

This is my new friend Anne. Anne joined us for our Carry The Love event at the University of Central Florida. Going in to the night, Anne suffered severe hearing loss. She could hear sounds, but her brain was unable to process words. Functionally, Anne was deaf. She had been part of the deaf community since she was young and she read lips to hold conversations.

During the night, without anyone even praying for her, God opened her ears to hear again! In one sovereign moment, she was able to hear and understand again. I met her a week later (when I took this picture) and asked her about the moment. She said she was healed on the spot and now her whole life is different. As she spoke, I could see her still reading my lips out of habit. She even turned around and had me ask her questions without her seeing me to prove that she could hear me. She could hear! God is still the God who opens deaf ears!

The work God was doing in Florida continued as we moved to the Northeast. I’ll share more about what happened in the Northeast in my next update. In summary, God is alive, students are hungry for the Gospel, and a movement of revival and awakening is slowly beginning to creep across our campuses. Continue to pray that God releases salvations in the thousands and changes our campuses from havens for atheistic thinking to places where the glory of God dwells!

Follow this link below to hear my message at UPenn. Ten students responded to this message by giving their lives to Jesus. 4 or 5 students were also physically healed in the prayer time following this message. I’m preaching out of John 8 and 9 in this message. 

Miles Preaching at UPenn


2 thoughts on “Florida Carry The Love Highlights!

  1. Wow, so good, Miles! Thank you so much for the update. Keep spreading the fire! Any specific prayer requests I can be lifting for you?

    Much Love and God Bless,



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