Love Arkansas

Hi Friends! I hope you had an amazing summer and are transitioning smoothly back into the flow of fall.

After a summer highlighted by Together 2016 and 21 Project (which drew over 200 students to Huntington Beach for 3 weeks of training), my summer culminated with an event in Fayetteville, Arkansas called Love Arkansas. Ultimately, we estimate that over 600 people showed up and at least 20 gave their lives to Jesus!

Since March, my friend Zach Nash and I have been working with a ministry called The Link to host an outdoor evangelistic event at the University of Arkansas. God provided miracles of finances to get a team of 14 of us there, including the Circuit Rider band. More importantly, he provided a miracle of salvation as students gave their lives for eternity to Jesus!

img_8980This is one of the first outdoor events on a college campus that Circuit Riders has been involved with. We united with 5 other ministries to make this event happen. We spent five days before the event handing out flyers on campus, hoping people would come. Ultimately, the result was in God’s hands.

I’m struggling to find words to describe what happened with Love Arkansas. You know those moments where something was so obviously a miracle of God that you look back and can hardly describe how it even happened? That’s what this was like. With that being said, I’ll do my best to outline this miracle.

First, we had an excellent, nationally known speaker scheduled for the event named Nabeel Qureshi. He’s the author of the book Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus. Unfortunately, 3 days before our event, Nabeel emailed us and told us he couldn’t come due to health reasons. Suddenly, Zach and I became the speakers for the event. We prayed about who should speak and felt that Zach should give a Gospel call and I would give a commissioning call at the end for people to lay down their lives to see others know him.

Second, it was supposed to rain. But, it didn’t.

Third, we honestly had no idea if anyone would actually show up. As our start time approached, not a lot of people were there. We had a dj playing music that we hoped would gather people and, as he continued to play, God drew people in. By the time we started worship and the sun set, we estimate that around 600 people gathered outdoor to worship and hear the Gospel.

The presence of God was thick in the Greek Theatre. Although we had sound problems that made us transition from wild dj music to suddenly only an acoustic guitar playing How He Loves, no one moved a muscle. We expected people to leave, but instead God drew everyone closer. We looked around and saw eyes shut, hands raised, and hearts encountering the love of Jesus. The presence of the Lord I sensed in that theatre was different than I’d experienced before. It felt as though the Lord was there for one purpose, to save. And save he did! We couldn’t get an exact count on the number, but somewhere around 20 people or more surrendered their lives to Jesus!

From Azusa Now to Together 2016 to Love Arkansas, I believe these events are all early tastes of God drawing the church out of its four walls. I don’t know how to explain it except to say that there’s something different about preaching the Gospel outdoors. It seems like there’s a unique anointing to do that. There’s a reason the old school revivalists like George Whitefield, John Wesley, and Jonathan Edwards often orated outdoors to crowds of thousands, it’s where the lost people are.

I love all of you so much and hope this account of what’s happening right now on college campuses in America encourages you! Keep pressing in for his kingdom. It is at hand!



Check out this slideshow of pictures from Love Arkansas below! All photos were taken by Grace Boyer –

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2 thoughts on “Love Arkansas

  1. Well said, Miles. Thanks for the wonderful update. God is good! And I am so proud of you and so pleased with your association with Circuit Riders.

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  2. Miles – this is so amazing! God really put you on the spot to makes decisions and trust Him to be at work. We’ve heard Nabeel speak but also have heard that he has some serious health issues, so this was sad news.

    Love and hugs to you!


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