Healings Break Out At Universities

Going on tour after Azusa Now was like injecting a car going full speed with Nitrous oxide. We didn’t even realize what was possible until God began to do it.

Our increasing awe of God began on the drive up from Huntington Beach to Butte, MT. Along the way, we stopped at a Starbucks and bumped into a guy named Ryan who was trying to sell us a crystal rock to raise money to buy Starbucks (addictions, right?). Instead of buying his rock, I offered to buy him Starbucks. While standing in line, I began talking to him about his life and found out that he had some pretty wild views on Jesus… and a vertebrae painfully out of alignment in his back.

I prayed for him and commanded his back to align. I then asked him how he felt and a shocked look came over his face as he twisted from side to side to see how his back felt. He immediately said that all the pain was gone and that he couldn’t believe it! Strangers cast curious glances at us from all over the store as God healed Ryan on the spot! What I loved about this was that Ryan’s views on God didn’t even notably change in that moment; God just healed him because he loves him that much.

After puttering the rest of our way up to Montana, we settled in for two weeks of touring that included 4 college events in Montana; 1 each in Spokane, Idaho, and Eastern Oregon; two Sunday services at local churches; and a city-wide worship night at a local church. In summary, we saw at least 21 people give or recommit their lives to Jesus and we saw over 50 people experience physical healing in their bodies! Here’s a few of the highlights.

Montana State University Holy Spirit Releasing

Our night at MSU was unbelievable. After preaching for only about 20 minutes, the room responded by praying for one another for healing. At least 10 people were physically healed. One particular case was astonishing as a girl with scoliosis (curvature of the spine) asked for prayer. One of the girls on our team put her hand on her back and, as she prayed, she actually felt the girl’s spine move and pop under her hand. The girl stood astonished as Jesus actually straightened her spine and healed her scoliosis!

After the healings, Chi Alpha leader Timbo gave an alter call and 10 people gave or recommitted their lives to the Lord. We responded with over an hour of worship after all of this! At one point we had the students raise their shoes above their heads and declare they were going to reach their campus with the love of Jesus. Check out this picture below!


University of Montana Epilepsy Healing

At the University of Montana we preached the Gospel and then prayed for the sick at the end of the night. One girl asked for prayer because she had epilepsy. At the time, it had been 11 months since she had a seizure, but she was also on medication to prevent seizures. As others around her prayed, she was so filled with faith that she was healed that told everyone around her she was healed. Now I don’t know about you, but it’s kind of hard to tell if someone with epilepsy is healed because you have no way to test it. I thought the moment was exciting but then I moved on and forgot about it.

However, last week my sister Tori actually called this girl and asked how she was doing. The girl told Tori that she stopped taking her medication that night, despite the concerned pleas of her family members, and that she has not had a seizure since then! It has now been 13 months since she has had a seizure, which eclipses the time period doctors require to clinically state that someone is no longer epileptic! Praise Jesus! Furthermore, the Lord actually spoke to this girl to move to California and join our team for this upcoming year! I’ll be seeing her soon.

Eastern Oregon University Heart Healing & More

At Eastern Oregon University, the final night of the tour, the Lord told me to preach a very straightforward Gospel message. I shared some of my testimony, talked about what Jesus did for us on the cross, and invited people to give their lives to him and pour out everything at his feet like Mary of Bethany. In response, 8 people in the room responded immediately to give their lives to him! What happened next was incredible.

Within 5 minutes of these people giving their lives to Jesus we asked if anyone in the room needed physical healing. Several people raised their hands and the rest of the room gathered to pray for them. One of the guys in the room (unfortunately I can’t remember his name) had just given his life to Jesus and then also raised his hand for prayer. Within 30 seconds of someone praying for him, he was already moving around in excitement. I found out later that he had just given his life to Jesus and then his neck was immediately healed from stiffness, pain, and limited mobility. How good is Jesus?! After our event this guy was going up to each member of our team and telling us how he came in to that night in chains and bondage and now he was leaving with freedom, joy, and healing. It was literally a night and day difference in his life and he couldn’t keep quiet about it! Isn’t it true that people who encounter the reality of Jesus’ love immediately become the best evangelists? This guy was not going to keep silent about what happened to him.

After his neck was healed, he was so excited that he went up to another girl and started praying for her healing! Another guy in the room who had just been healed of a knee problem that had kept him from being able to weight lift also went up to her to pray. I interrupted the prayer time a couple minutes later to see what was happening. I asked her what was going on and she told me that she had a heart problem that caused her to have pain in her chest every time she breathed. With tears in her eyes she told me that all the pain was gone for the first time and that Jesus had just healed her! She embraced one of her friends and broke down crying out of joy.

This night as Eastern Oregon was unreal. It felt like real revival with people getting saved, healed, and immediately activated to share the love of Jesus with others. The final story from this event I will share involved a lady who brought her whole family with her. When we entered the ministry time at the end of the night, one of the girls on our team, Yesenia, went to pray for her and found out that this lady had Stage 4 terminal cancer. The cancer actually manifested by causing her constant pain in her stomach. Yesenia prayed for her and the pain immediately left her body!

I don’t know how it all works, but what I do know is that cancer, scoliosis, torn ligaments, heart problems, ruptured discs, and more bow to the name of Jesus! May His name be praised on every campus in this nation!

I love you guys!





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