Spring Recap (Part 2) – Azusa Now

After finishing the Colorado tour at the beginning of March, we returned home to California. For the following month, we prepared for the iconic Azusa Now gathering. As Circuit Riders, we planned 10 days of outreach leading up to Azusa Now that included street evangelism every day, weekend outreaches at 4 city parks across LA, and three nights of glory-filled worship at South Lawn as pre-rallies for the stadium.

IMG_0689I was personally involved in planning and running an outreach at a park in Hollywood where we partnered with local churches Expression 58 and Radiance House Of Prayer. After walking throughout Hollywood for 4 days and inviting people to come, we converged at the park for live music, free tacos, and a Gospel message. The event was great as we were able to love on the community, involve local churches, and build relationships with people we otherwise never would have met. I will actually be meeting up with a kid who doesn’t know Jesus this next week for lunch who I met at Ghirardelli during our time in Hollywood. After finishing our outreaches, we awoke before the break of dawn to head to the stadium for Azusa Now.

Azusa Now was a gathering spearheaded by Lou Engle and The Call ministry. On April 9, the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival, 65,000 – 70,000 believers gathered in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum (where the USC Trojans football team plays) to worship God, seek him in prayer, and cry out for another revival to impact our nation. The event lasted fifteen and a half hours and it rained lightly for much of the day. Despite the elements, many in attendance stood for most of the day and continued to seek God together. To see clips of this event, go to YouTube and type in “Azusa Now” to see some of the video that was shown live on GodTV.


In addition to pursuing both religious and racial reconciliation during the event, one of the defining moments of the event was when we began to pursue physical healing. From the stage, several different leaders across the body of Christ began to call out physical ailments they believed people were experiencing in the crowd. One after another, people began to experience healing from Jesus. These prayers must have lasted between an hour or two until eventually one of the leaders stood up and asked anyone in the crowd who had experienced a physical healing in their body to wave both arms above their head. I turned around and panned the stadium view to see thousands of people waiving both arms in the air! It was shocking to see how many people Jesus physically healed. This experience was a defining moment for me and was something that dramatically shifted our Carry The Love tour as we left three days later to drive up to Montana. Stay tuned for part 3 of my spring recap to hear about the incredible salvations, healings, and other miraculous signs that God did during our tour through Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Eastern Oregon! As always, thank you all so much for your financial support and prayers! I can’t do any of this without you.

1 thought on “Spring Recap (Part 2) – Azusa Now

  1. HI Miles, So glad to hear what God is doing through this outreach! I love hearing about the physical healing miracles. Would you please pray for a miracle of healing for me? I can’t walk or stand and have painful leg spasms. Since no one here can figure out what’s wrong with me, we are going to specialists at the University of Utah on Friday. Would love God to get the glory that I could just “pick up my mat and walk”!

    Thanks so much, Love, Aunt Jannie 🙂


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