Spring Highlights (Part 1)

Hi friends! So much has happened this spring that it is difficult to recap. I’ll try to highlight a few different events and moments that have really defined one of the most exciting seasons of my life. This will only be part 1 as I will post again soon with more!

Mid-February through early-March – Colorado Tour

For three weeks, I helped lead the first Circuit Rider team to ever go to colleges in Colorado. We hosted events at 7 colleges, ran a training weekend, and connected with churches and families across the state. 10+ people got saved during the tour, dozens more were encouraged and lit on fire for Jesus, and even new prayer movements and unity gatherings were started on campuses.


Team Photo

Colorado was personally a time of stretching and quick growth. It was my first time leading a team to a new region as well as my first time preaching on a frequent basis. I had to rely on God and our team more than ever before. There were a couple nights where I only had an hour or less to really get before God in prayer about what to speak that night. However, each time ended up being incredible and God always moved in the room. In the midst of this, I really learned how capable God is of using us in the midst of weakness. He never let me (or us) down and always gave me words to speak even when I had little time for preparation.

Metro State

One of my favorite nights of this tour was our first tour stop in the Denver area: Metro State. Metro State gathered about 150 people, including all of YWAM Denver joining us. I preached on the importance of living a first commandment lifestyle and pursuing “Just Jesus” in our lives as our primary goal. The room responded with heartfelt worship and a desire to continue to reach others with the love of Jesus.

About two weeks after this event, I heard a great report from my friend Everett who organized the event. He said that he invited a kid he knew who was very apathetic. Everett said he was one of the most apathetic kids he had ever met and didn’t really expect him to come. However, this kid showed up and encountered Jesus in such a strong way that he went back home a different man. The next time he was in a group with other Christians, rather than being the disinterested kid, he actually stood up and began making declarations of who God was and what he wanted to do. This kid went from apathy to becoming a bold leader overnight!

CSU Pueblo

At Colorado State University Pueblo, I preached a message on disruptive faith. This is the kind of faith like Noah had that continues to believe God and step out in belief even when circumstances don’t indicate that anything will happen. Noah spent about 100 years building an ark during a time when it never rained. Another case of disruptive faith is the story of Blind Bartimaeus, who cried out repeatedly “son of David, have mercy on me!” Though told to be silent, he cried out all the more and Jesus answered his plea to receive his sight.

In response to the message, 40-50 students individually asked the Lord what step of disruptive faith he wanted them to take in the following week. One student felt to share Jesus with his coworkers, another actually felt to finally obey the Lord and move to Tennessee. Several students banded together and agreed to begin praying for their campus every other week as well as host a worship night once a month. Now, some of these students will be joining us for 21 Project before returning to CSU Pueblo in the fall to keep pursuing the lost at their campus.

In all, our first tour in Colorado was a major success as we built relationships all across the state and really began to see the beginning formations of a salvation movement on the colleges in the state. We’ll be returning there again in the fall to continue pursuing what the Lord has for the state.

Listen to a Sermon

If you are interested in listening to a message I preached at UCONN, follow this link to listen to it on SoundCloud. This was the first message I preached on tour this spring and is actually only about 30 minutes long. This recording ends by two girls running to the front to give their lives to Jesus after no one responded initially to the call. After the first two, five others ended up giving their lives to Jesus! For whatever reason, we only have it recorded until the two girls ran up. The crowd went wild in response to them coming up front. Check it out and enjoy!

Miles Sermon at UCONN


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