Northeast Recap

Leaving friends never seems to get easier. It seems like a little part of me dies every time I have to leave one region of the U.S. to head to another. After spending three weeks in the Northeast, hosting events at 11 colleges throughout Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Jersey, Rhode Island, and New York, it’s hard to leave. The only reason it’s difficult though is because of the deep friendships that were forged and the incredible work that God did in this region. In summary, at least 20 people gave their lives to Jesus, more than that were physically healed, and students banded together across different ministries (and even schools) to see a movement of salvations hit their campuses. Even now students are praying together and planning how they can reach their campuses more than ever before!

I genuinely think that the testimonies of this trip could fill up a book. Because of that, I will try to just write about a few that were very meaningful to me.

UCONN Salvations

The first chance I had to preach on tour was at UCONN. The event drew about 200 people across several different ministries. I preached on the Gospel and what it means to actually encounter Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior. After sharing the Gospel, I invited the room to give their lives to Jesus if they had not yet done that. At first no one responded and I began to move on. However, about a minute later, a girl ran to the front to give her life to Jesus. Then, two more followed, then two more! Two girls also gave their lives to their from in their seats but did not come up front. In total, 7 people gave their lives to the Lord and one lady recommitted her life. The rest of the room repented of fear of reaching their campus and sharing the Gospel with their friends and activated into joyful dancing and celebrating Jesus! It was an incredible night; seeing salvations is always the best!

Penn State Healing

At Penn State, as is our custom, we met earlier in the day with student leaders to get to know them. As I was talking with two of them, I noticed a girl about to walk by with a boot (cast) around her right foot. Faith immediately hit me and I approached her. I told her that we had been seeing physical healings taking place at our tour stops and that Jesus wanted to heal her. She agreed to let me pray for her even though she was incredibly skeptical. I simply rebuked the pain and asked Jesus to take away her pain. I asked her how she felt and, with a shocked look on her face, she declared that the pain had left entirely! I then told her that Jesus loves her and is pursuing her heart and that he healed her because he loves her. She and her friend ended up walking off in total amazement at what Jesus had just done.

Binghamton Unity

At Binghamton University in upstate New York we gathered for a Carry The Love event with students from five different ministries. This was the first time since any of the students had been in school that these different ministries had come together for an event. Incredible! Not only did these ministries represent different theologies, but they represented different ethnicities as well. During the night, one student got saved and the whole room broke through into joyful dancing and gratitude to Jesus. The best part of the night though was the After Party. We also gather student leaders for an After Party to try to connect them and create momentum for the continuing work God wants to do on campus. In the After Party, four of the ministries came together and all agreed to begin meeting once a week to pray together and talk about how to reach their campus. There were even girls from different ministries that met one another and almost immediately realized the Lord’s desire for them to be close friends. For the last two weeks, these Binghamton students have met together to pray and they have more hope for their campus than ever before!

Philadelphia Circuit Riders Rising

In Philadelphia, I had my third chance of the Northeast tour to preach. This was the culminating night of our tour and the presence of the Lord was thick in our room at Temple University! Not only was our room packed out with probably close to 100 hungry believers, but these believers came together from 5 different colleges! After one guy radically gave his life to the Lord at the end of worship, I gave a word on the history of the Circuit Riders and what is happening now around America. In response, probably 75% of the room stepped forward to begin working together across their campuses to reach their schools and city with the love of Jesus. Student after student came up to me afterward saying the Lord had done an incredible work in their heart and that it was time for them to step into something new that the Lord was calling them to. Now, only a week later, the student have already met together to start planning out the rest of the semester. They already have a joint worship night planned at one of the other schools and they are beginning to do evangelistic outreaches together immediately. God is birthing real unity and hunger for souls on campuses!

The messages I gave during the tour are recorded and I will post them in the future if this web platform allows it.

Right now, I’m in Colorado with my 2nd tour leg team. We have close to 10 events in the next two weeks. I will do my best to keep you updated! Thank you for all of your prayers and financial support. Even in comparison to our tour last year, God is doing something unlike what we’ve seen before. This tour and the effects it will have will be truly historic. Keep praying for salvations on college campuses and revival for believers. I love you all and love hearing from you too. Shoot me a happy text or something if you ever have a free moment. 🙂

Colorado Prayer Points

  • That God creates family and unity across the state
  • That students have their faith and vision expanded for what God wants to do here
  • That God would save souls!


Most of the photo credit goes to Naomi Peterson.

2 thoughts on “Northeast Recap

  1. Wow, Miles. What a great report! You guys are really carrying the love of Jesus to the young people across the country this year. It’s an excellent message and is very needed. Keep up the great work for the Kingdom of God to His glory. Amen!


  2. Wow, absolutely fantastic and all glory to God! I wish I had seen this earlier in the year to know you all were in NY when I was there for rotation. Would have loved to be there for support. Thank you for the update and may God continue to work in and through all of you!


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