Carry The Love Northeast Starts!

As my plane today shot through the air like an arrow, bound for Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, I became aware of the similar reality of our teams being shot across the nation like arrows to these campuses. Today the Carry The Love tour starts!

We are going because we know we are sent. With roughly 200 events planned and a projected audience of 25,000+ across the nation, we have the opportunity to speak face-to-face with approximately 10% of the universities in the nation this spring. As Malcolm Gladwell claims in his New York Times best-seller, The Tipping Point, it takes about 10% of a population sold out for an idea to create a tipping point that leads to social acceptance and the spreading of an idea or product. Our hope is that we are approaching a tipping point in students sold out for Jesus on their campuses, radically pursuing him with first commandment love each day and reaching their classmates with that same love.

I love the idea of Believers as arrows in the hands of the Lord (Psalm 127:3-5). The pressure is not on us to hit the mark, but it is on Him to craft us exactly according to plan and then shoot us out to hit our mark. Ephesians 2:10 says “we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” God truly has formed us according to his will so that we can accomplish the fulfilling purposes he has for us to bring him glory. I sense the Lord’s incredible purpose over these tour stops and his desire to draw all people to himself.

Our first tour stop is tomorrow night as we have a gathering of several colleges in the Lancaster, PA, area. On Friday, we head to Rutgers University in New Jersey. On Monday, I will get my first shot at preaching on the tour as we head up to UCONN. Please pray for us that we would communicate the Gospel clearly and that the Lord would accompany our words with power so that people might get saved and revived in Him!

  • This was an update I wrote on Tuesday but was unable to post. Since it’s Saturday now, we have already had our first two tour stops. I wrote an update for those below. Enjoy!

Millersville College

On Wednesday, we hosted our first tour stop at Millersville College in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. As we setup, our team of nearly 25 felt such expectancy for what the Lord would do during the night. The night started with some powerful spontaneous worship from our worship leaders, Tito and Jessica Tosado. They played several songs with the whole band that had the crowd of 120 pressing into worshipping Jesus.

After worship, Joel Bomberger (a Lancaster native and Circuit Rider) got up to speak. He spoke on the Gospel and the power of Jesus’ love as shown in John 3:16. Love does not withhold, but it gives. Joel said that it is time for the Millersville campus to receive the love that God has for them through the body of believers. He challenged everyone in the room to arise as a revivalist and pursue the lost with love everyday. In response, about 75% of the room arose and declared, “I am a revivalist!” We then moved into a worship response and ministry time.

During the ministry time, a girl came up to me and told me that she gave her life to the Lord when she was 10 but that she hasn’t been living for him since then. She said she wanted to give her life to Jesus! We prayed for her and watched her eyes fill with tears as she experienced the love of God and the feeling of joy that comes from salvation. Two of her friends (already believers) were with her and embraced her, crying together as they celebrated her new life in Christ!

During the ministry time, two people gave their lives to Jesus and multiple people experienced physical healings in their bodies. One girl had been living for the past six months with severe pain shooting through the left side of her body and into her leg. The doctors were unable to diagnose her problem and she was planning on going in for an MRI in about two weeks. Joel prayed for her and all of the pain left her body! She was pain-free for the first time in 6 months! Praise Jesus!

As we left Millersville, the team there had responded to the night by agreeing to meet together every week to pray for their campus and share their dreams about what God wants to do. I also sense that some of the students there will end of coming to 21 Project this summer to receive training on how to reach their campus even more effectively.


Rutgers is the largest school in New Jersey, reaching over 40,000 students. Last night we braved the severe winter weather front hitting the Northeast and hosted a Carry The Love tour stop with Rutgers students. The event gathered about 100 students.

Worship was again very activating for students as some began to raise hands or dance around the room for the first time. Yasmin gave a message on breaking the silence on campus. She stated that no one has ever brought about a change of culture by remaining silent. At one point, Martin Luther King Jr. was a pastor of a small church in the south. However, he felt the call to speak and raised his voice as an activist. Jesus himself did not remain silent when the religious leaders brought the women before him who was caught in the act of adultery. He challenged the leaders by telling him who had no sin to cast the first stone. The leaders walked away one by one until no one was left. Jesus then told her that he did not condemn her.

After the message, three guys came forward declaring that they were ready to give the Lord their full life, not just parts of it. They did not come up for salvation, but rather to commit fully to him and live out of a life of holiness and devotion to them. After we finished praying, they were filled with incredible joy because of their decision!

Finally, we had between 30-40 students come forward at the end of the night to be a part of what God is doing on campus. They also agreed to pray and dream together once a week. The student leaders felt the night was a great success as it filled them with a fresh dose of faith for this semester and reaching their campus.

Today we are snowed in because 24 inches of snow have fallen in the last 18 hours! Pray that we are able to make our next tour stop at UCONN on Monday. I will be preaching Monday and would also appreciate your prayers as well for clear communication and anointing from the Lord. It’s incredible to see how activating the Gospel is! Pray that I would communicate it with power! I love you all so much and hope that hearing what is happening on college campuses in America right now encourages you! Continue to follow Carry The Love at and


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