Colorado Circuit Riding!

Friends, Colorado is growling with hunger pangs for a movement of Jesus! I am writing from Fort Collins, CO, surrounded by a group of Colorado State University students who are pursuing Jesus with passion! We attended a worship time that happens every Friday morning at 7:00 AM in a student house off campus. This worship group is incredible because it gathers students from every Christian ministry on campus and their only goal is worshipping Jesus! This morning more than 80 students packed into an open living room to worship together.

As we’ve been working to setup the Carry The Love tour for this spring, God has been opening incredible doors to build relationships with student and staff leaders. I have been working primarily to setup the tour stops in Montana, Idaho, Eastern Washington, Wyoming, Utah, and Colorado. Since we have not been to these regions before (except for Missoula and Spokane), the Lord led us to come to Colorado from the 18th – 25th this month. Since Monday, we’ve met with students and leaders at Colorado Mesa, University of Denver, Metro State, UC Boulder, Colorado State, and University of Wyoming.

As one testimony, I cold called a leader from Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Grand Junction at Colorado Mesa University just last week. I asked if we could meet her for lunch as we passed through Grand Junction. We ended up meeting with her and found out that they recently gathered 1,500 people at their football stadium to hear testimonies and share about Jesus. The leader’s name is Tina and she is dreaming to reach the whole city with Jesus. Grand Junction has a suicide rate three times the average and she is working with ministries and community resources alike to help bring down the suicide rates. We’re planning with her for how to best reach Colorado Mesa’s students this spring through Carry The Love.

I’m keeping this short for now, but I want to conclude by proposing some ways that you can be praying for us. You know this already, but prayer really does lead the way in everything we do and is a serious battleground! As the Lord leads you, please pray for the following:

  • Open doors to reach and unify students on college campuses
  • University of Colorado – Boulder. This is the flagship school for the state but has a reputation as a pot-smoking, depressed party school. In reality, Jesus is yearning to send evangelists into the campus to see a massive awakening of students!
  • Financial provision for our whole CR team. As we prepare to go to roughly 300 campuses nationwide this spring, we will be incurring a lot of travel costs that go beyond our monthly budgets.
  • Personally, the Lord has been burdening me with the desire to be a clear messenger of the Gospel. As Paul requested in Ephesians 6:19, “Pray also for me, that whenever I speak, words may be given me so that I will fearlessly make known the mystery of the gospel.” We can’t just come to campuses for a night where students go home the same. We need the power and love of Jesus to show up and mark students to reach their campuses with the Gospel!
  • The Lord is really working on my heart in the area of trust. I want to trust him with everything I am! It’s interesting, because I’m finding that God is strengthening my trust in him through pain and suffering. To be transparent, I lost both my Grandma and Grandpa this year. I also recently started dating a girl who I really care for deeply, but we found that we were headed in different directions and were unable to continue the relationship. It has been really heart-breaking, but is forcing me deeper into the Lord to fill that gap that was left. Please pray that God would use all of this to deepen my trust in Him.
  • Finally, I will be touring January 17th – February 6th in the Northeast, February 14th – March 5th in Colorado, and April 12th – May 1st in Idaho, Montana, and Eastern Washington. Pray for these regions!

IMG_2835Thank you for all of your continued support and prayers. If there is any way that I can more clearly articulate what is happening in my life with Circuit Riders, please let me know! I want my life to be an encouragement to you as we partner together in the spread of the Gospel. I’m praying for all of you and wish I could be with you right now. Lots of love!


p.s. If you want to hear a fun trap song that one of my roommates just wrote, check this out: 



1 thought on “Colorado Circuit Riding!

  1. Thanks for update, Miles.  It’s so great to hear about what God is doing in this country!

    I’m so sorry for the pain you have experienced recently.  I sure know what that feels like.! I read recently how Paul said he wanted to know Christ and the power of his resurrection  and the fellowship of sharing in his sufferings…  I trust He is transforming you (us) more and more into His likeness as you  hold on to Him in the midst of your pain.

    I love you, Miles. Aunt Jannie


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