Azusa Now! Saturation

In my last post, I mentioned that we were starting 40 days of prayer and fasting at USC with Lou Engle. This time has been absolutely incredible in pursuing the Lord, gathering in unity, and believing God for the greatest outpouring of his Spirit our nation has ever seen!

As we have partnered with Lou and laid down our time and cravings, we have really experienced the Lord accelerating our initiatives and meeting us in prayer. As I mentioned last time, we are doing the Carry The Love tour again this year all over the nation. We already have over 300 universities that have said yes to hosting a tour stop. It’s honestly incredible to see how the Lord has opened some of the doors to get us onto campuses. We’ve been in dialogue with some students who don’t even know us and they are instantly willing to bring us to their campus to help go after God’s plans for their campus.

In addition to praying for campuses, we are praying intensely that God would send revival again to this nation and send another Azusa Street revival. On April 9th, 2016, Lou Engle is renting the LA Coliseum to fill it with 120,000 people on the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival. We have been praying specifically for unity in bringing together leaders from all over the body of Christ to come to the stadium. We really believe God wants to pour out his Spirit in salvation, healing, and miracles. However, we feel like he will only do it if every major denomination of the body is represented amply. He won’t pour out his Spirit as fully if it is just Charismatics or just Evangelicals because he won’t do anything to cause a schism in the body. However, in full unity, He is desiring to pour out His Spirit! Pray Psalm 133 and John 17 over the American church with us! Check out this video below of Lou sharing a few days ago in Toronto about the event and why God is primed to move! This is a rough recording, but it gets the point across.

Isn’t that incredible?! It’s so fun to be a part of what is happening. Keep praying for this nation and for the college campuses that Jesus would revive the church and bring salvation to the lost!

As far as planning Carry The Love goes, we are currently skyping with students from different campuses and building relationships with them as well as trying to lock-in new universities. I’m very involved right now in forming the Rocky Mountain region of our tour. This region will include Montana, Idaho, Eastern Washington, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah. We are taking students through four steps in the process of hosting a gathering at their school. Check out this comedic video below to see how we are guiding students through phase one.

If you’re in the mood for another video, check out this Circuit Riders video that my friends Tory Ruperto and Hayley Dent made. I love you guys and appreciate your prayer and support so much! On September 21st, I actually hit my one year anniversary of moving to California! The Lord’s faithfulness in this last year is worth celebrating.

Feel free to call me anytime to let me know how you’re doing or email me at

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