3 Things You Need to Know About The Circuit Riders!

Carry The Love is coming to a campus near you! No really, it is! Last spring, the Circuit Riders college tours, called Carry The Love, spread across the nation in a 60-campus tour. This year, thanks to the Lord’s incredible leadership, we have already locked in well over 200 campuses that want to host a Carry The Love night. Not only that, but we are reaching to try to make it to 400-500 campuses. Imagine if we reached 500 campuses and were only able to gather an average of 100 students each night. This means we would reach 50,000 students with a message that God is truly moving in America and that we are on the verge of an outpouring of His Spirit! What if at each of these nights, 10 students were truly catalyzed unto being love activists and seeing God move on their campuses in powerful ways? 5,000 students across the nation would be living and breathing a revolution of love!

I know I’m getting a little wild right now, but I’m really excited about the prospects of what God is doing in this upcoming year. To give you a more holistic picture of what’s ahead for us, I’ll just quickly hit the highlights on our schedule for you.

Saturation: 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting

On September 1st, we joined with prayer leader Lou Engle (TheCall) for 40 days of prayer and fasting at the University of Southern California (USC). We felt that the Lord wanted us to start this academic year by resting with him in his presence and encountering him more than ever before. As we are all fasting and praying, we are asking that the Lord would come in signs, wonders, and miracles, that would change our college campuses and our nation. Part of the fast is actually in preparation for a stadium gathering that will happen April 9th, 2016, in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum at USC on the 110th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival. Did I mention that William Seymour (catalyst for the Azusa Street Revival), prophesied that 100 years later there would be a greater outpouring of God upon this nation? Check out this short article from Lou about the event.


Together 2016

Next summer, we are joining with the Reset Movement and believing that God will accompany our work to gather hundreds of thousands of people at the National Mall in D.C. for one day, around one man, Jesus Christ! What could God do if we gather together (during an election year mind you) to lift up Jesus? There is something catalytic about gathering people that spurs us all on in our faith and gives up hope for what God is going to do. At some point, the body of Christ needs to gather together in unity and pursue God like never before. Why not now? Check out the promo video below for the gathering.

Carry The Love

Like I said earlier, we are hoping to reach 400-500 campuses this spring with a message of Jesus’ love. Why are we attempting to reach so many campuses? The answer is twofold. First, the more campuses we can reach, the more people we’ll reach with Jesus! Second, Carry The Love is also hoping to gather students unto going to the Mall next summer as part of the Together 2016 campaign. Almost like a political campaign, we are the grassroots movement hoping to gather college students together unto the cause of Jesus Christ.

To reach this many campuses, we are looking to form roughly 10 teams that will start touring in mid-January and wrap up at the end of April. Each team will spend three weeks touring and then take a week to rest. I will be co-leading a team during this tour and will have more information on which regions I will be going to by mOnStageAt21y next blog post! To prepare for these tours, we have all been participating in a preacher’s class every week with one of our leaders, Brian Brennt. He is teaching us how to preach effectively on campuses and is getting us reps for this spring. I hope I can post a sample on here sometime of a message I preach. They’re still a little rough at this point, but they’re getting better!

Thanks to everyone who has supported my life with the Circuit Riders! Continue to prayer that God would revive and awaken the college campuses of America! This year is going to be incredible.

Check out this link for our 40 day schedule at USC. http://www.thecircuitrider.com/schools-and-events/saturation-40-days-prayer-and-fasting-usc/

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