A Circuit Rider Summer

Hi Friends and Family!

My first summer as a Circuit Rider has been incredible. Coming out of our tent outreaches in May, we dove headfirst into preparing for 21 Project. We spent all of June and the first two weeks of July doing everything we could to fill up the school. We spent long days calling, emailing, and answering questions for prospective students. I lead the registration team and in the end we drew around 140 students representing over 40 different campuses to join us for 3 weeks in Pasadena. We were really excited with these results given how difficult it is to gather college students at all, much less for 3 weeks.

21 Project was a massive success! We jumped into the first week of the school by receiving message after message of amazing material on what it means to carry a kingdom culture. One of the fun parts of Circuit Rider material is that we always respond to messages by repenting of ways we haven’t lined up with God’s kingdom and then joyfully changing our lifestyles to align with the Lord. One day in particular, we became so gripped by a call to live according to God’s words and pursue him fully, that students were coming up and renouncing addictions and ways of life. One student even came up to me and said he had been in a bad relationship for the last four years and was going to cut it off so he could pursue Jesus fully! These messages can actually be found on the Circuit Rider website at http://www.thecircuitrider.com/podcast/. I recommend listening to at least one to get a flavor of the messages! They are dynamite!

In the second and third weeks of the school, we split up and spent a lot more time in our individual tracks. I was involved in the Circuit Rider / College Gatherer track. In that track, the goal was to raise up Gospel messengers and students who know how to gather students on their campuses and see transformation. The days were so fun Summer 2015 075as we were surrounded by about 60 students standing in groups and preaching as wildly as they could to one another. How important it is to have young people who really understand what the Gospel is and communicate it to others!

“How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in? And how can they believe in the one of whom they have not heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to them?” – Romans 10:14

The final weekend of 21 Project rocked us all as we ended with a conference that a high school ministry (and one of our tracks) called One Voice hosted that gathered around 1,200 people. This conference was highlighted by keynote speakers Todd White, Daniel Kolenda (Reinhard Bonnke’s successor), and Nick Vujicic (high school Summer 2015 097motivational speaker with no limbs). Lindy Conant, a Circuit Rider worship leader, also recorded her first full-length album (shown to the right), which was produced by a man named Gabriel Wilson who produced Bethel’s Tides and You Make Me Brave albums. I was so moved by her album because every song is about glorifying Jesus and seeing people sent into the mission field to reap a harvest for heaven. Her songs evoked many to tears at the heart of God over living a missional lifestyle. To get a glimpse of what her songs are like, check out this video that someone who attended the conference posted on YouTube. Lindy’s full-length album and accompanying videos will be released sometime around January.

As you might expect for a three week school, it’s impossible to encapsulate everything that God did and how many lives were changed. My final highlight from 21 Project is actually called 22 Project. As a result of the school, somewhere between 15-20 students will be moving to Huntington Beach on September 1st to begin a 6-month internship that will have them immerse themselves in everything we are doing. To give you a sneak peak for my next blog (which will come much sooner than this one did), this internship means they will be accompanying us on what looks to be a 400-500 campus tour this spring! Stay tuned!


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