Scars and Wounds

I was looking through my computer for a document and this was highlighted to me. I didn’t know what it was, but found that it was something I wrote back in August. I felt the Lord prompt me to share it, so I hope that whoever is supposed to read this is encouraged by it. Enjoy!

August, 2014:

God recently showed me a picture of a surgeon’s work. In the picture, a surgeon cut through the flesh in a person’s arm in order to expose what was beneath, near the bone. Although the skin appeared perfect in health, beneath the skin disease and rot festered.

Everything about us may look perfect, but the scriptures tell us that God searches the heart. He understands the deep things of our soul. God is not concerned with keeping up our outer appearance if our inner self is rotting away. That is why Jesus proclaimed to the Pharisees that they were white-washed tombs, beautiful on the outside but full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean on the inside (Matthew 23:27). In order to expose the death and disease on the outside, Jesus, as the great physician, just cut through the skin that is healthy to expose the filth. What does this do to us as Christians? It makes us lose our appearance of righteousness. It humbles us. However, Jesus says that we are still the righteousness of God.

The same analogy can apply for a building. I recently talked to a man who moved to a house where everything seemed great. However, he and his family were soon suffering from sickness because the house had a sewage problem that made them all sick. This particular man ended up getting out of his lease and moving, but to actually fix the problem, the landlord would have to go and knockout the walls (which looked great) to access the problem. Again, knocking out the walls of a house makes it look terrible, but it allows a builder to get to the root of the issue and fix it. Furthermore, tearing out the walls gives the builder the opportunity to build new walls better than the first!

Many people I have met are obsessed with scars. They think that having large scars are the marks of adventure and look cool. However, no one looks at a gaping wound and says it looks awesome and desirable. But yet, to get an excellent scar, you must first have an excellent wound. How come we are so prone to celebrate the scars of peoples’ pasts (overcoming of addiction, sex, alcohol, etc.) as amazing testimonies, but are not willing to associate with people when they are in the midst of their wounds? Jesus has scars which we celebrate, but it wasn’t his scars that set us free from the law of sin and death, it was his actual wounds. The scars just remind us of how he has overcome.

What if we start viewing open wounds through the lens of future scars? What if we choose to believe that Jesus is healing people and making their open wounds a testimony to overcome the enemy and reach the lost? Don’t shy away from sickness and pain. Jesus said even poisonous serpents will bite us and we will not be harmed. Celebrate open wounds through the lens of faith. We are healed! We will be humbled by the great physician’s work and it will allow us to relate to Christ more fully.

1 thought on “Scars and Wounds

  1. Smiles, I finally just read you post on “Scars and Wounds” while going to the bathroom. I mean Gabrielle did say that some of his best revelation came there right? What struck me was this nature in humans to identify themselves with the people they associate with. I am no exemption to this rule either; in high school I tried to hang out with the confident kids because it would make me appear confident, or the athletic kids because it would make me appear athletic, and so on. However, it was when I was alone that I truly felt how incomplete I was and the self-hatred towards myself. Now that I am in the Kingdom I have battled similar tendencies; hang out with only the legit “Christians” (I do believe in hanging out with giant slayers as Bill J. puts it but that is another sermon) and don’t associate with the “weirdos.” However, your point on associating with the sinners and wounded is so on point with the heart of God! I want to be so rooted in Christ that He will point out those whose hearts are ready for Him. Whether it be the quiet and shy person that nobody understands, the cocky loud person who is sarcastic all the time, or whoever. I am challenging myself, with being at a new church, to not conform to the “groups” but to meet people on purpose! And I need prayer to do it. Right now I am not in a comfort zone or rut so it is definitely the right time! If we are building an army of God I don’t care if mine looks like David’s misfits because those were giant slayers desperate for their KING! Whelp, I’ve preached myself into a warrior state of mind, but I guess I will just have to war while actually getting work done. Have a super blessed 4th of July Shooter! Love you oober amounts, BIG Dog Date: Thu, 25 Jun 2015 04:50:37 +0000 To:


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