Carry The Love 60 University Tour: Summary

Hey guys, I just wanted to share with you the recap of the Carry The Love tour written by one of our regional coordinators, Yasmin Kahan-Groves. She did a great job of leading the northeast region of the tour as well as writing this article. Enjoy! – Miles

Most people enrolled in college courses today are there because they want to make a change for the better.

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This generation is full of activists at heart. Taking up expressions through business, social work and politics, art, or the sciences, this generation has by and large committed their time, money, and effort to improving something about how the world works.

What if a student’s understanding for how the world should be improved—could be changed? What if the word ‘success’ for the American student started to align more with principles of love and compassion?

Carry the Love launched this Spring semester as a 60-campus national tour. The theme: Jesus. The pledge: to carry His love and compassion.

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Jesus walked the earth as the ultimate activist, constantly living for the ultimate change. For God so loved the people of the world, that he sent His son. Through his years in ministry, Jesus flipped the system of what success and life objectives should be upside-down. He pointed constantly to the fundamental importance of love. After all, it was because of love that he was sent.

And it was that same love that He left for us to take up. “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.” (John 13:34). This new paradigm and life perspective was heavy on his heart, and he called it the kingdom.

On every college grounds, there is some proportion of students in Christian groups. The average across America is about 5% of the campus that is involved in one of these groups. At some schools it’s more than 5%, like in the South of America. And at some schools it’s drastically less than 5%, like in New York City.

Research on the dynamics of social movements point to the golden 10%. As a group of people who agree on certain values start to reach this number, they have enough social influence and connectivity to seriously change their environment. Malcolm Gladwell names this 10% phenomenon in social movements ‘the tipping point.’

What if the reality of Jesus’ love reached a tipping point on America’s campuses?

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What if it reached a place where those who are coming and going on a campus couldn’t help but be aware of Jesus’ love? His burning love and compassion has the power to bring alive the most turned-off hearts. What if 5%, 6%…10% of a campus was not just in a religious group, but was actively living in that same burning principle of Jesus’ love?

To reach this tipping point usually takes more than just one Christian group. On this past 60-campus Carry the Love tour, college groups had the opportunity to unite together for Jesus’ love. Most of these Carry the Love nights included at least 4 different groups in the room, which at many schools rarely happens. The students in each group were then committing to work together to live out Jesus’ love on the campus and after college life. What a powerful concept; and what a box-breaking reality to see this occur.

At Lee University in Tennessee, 250 students packed a room and pledged together “WE WILL” to the invitation to “Carry the Love” of Jesus. This included major campus influencers and leaders. From there, the students are getting together to plan out next steps of how they can actively express that love to the rest of their campus.

This discussion is taking place at each of the 60 campuses from this tour: How can our campus know and experience Jesus’ love? What is the next step on how we can display His Love get together?

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Courageous student leadership, met with God’s unfailing love, is what is turning campuses more and more toward a tipping point. At Penn State last summer, just 4 campus leaders, which included 1 Penn State alum-turned-ministry-staff and 3 active students, organized a 2,000 person outdoor concert that launched in September. Though there was not much history of collaboration between the Christian groups beforehand, nearly every fellowship eventually joined in to spread the word for this concert. Students gave their lives to Jesus for the first time at this event, the buzz from it radically impacted social interactions and friendships on campus, and it kicked off a whole new level of collaboration between the groups on campus that has strongly continued throughout the year. This Spring, these groups hosted a Carry the Love night amidst a week-long united gospel-sharing campaign, where hundreds of students signed on to share the ridiculously good news about Jesus with a handful of friends. From that place and after the Carry the Love night, the groups are now planning their next expression of love and outreach concert for the Fall.

Some schools are planning major outreaches like Penn State, and others are facilitating the first coming together of their Christian groups in years. Across the board, God is bringing teams together to pull off what used to seem impossible. He is stirring a tipping point nationally, that America’s student would experience His love.

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As the Carry the Love team traveled from school to school, we were struck by the reality of just how much of a history-making season this is for the campuses of America! No other generation has experienced this level of social connectivity, unity in the Body, and a rumbling national drive for activism and positive change than we do now. The campuses of America are ready to Carry the Love of Jesus, and many already are in such box-breaking ways.

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Will you Carry the Love? Will you lead your school with Jesus to a tipping point, that displays His love to your generation? You’re a part of a much larger family, and our team wants to help connect you. Dream and pray together with your team at your school, and feel free to email us at Check out to spend a month together with a like-minded activist family, and be released to make an impact with the good news.

What a joy that our generation gets to share the ultimate solution to every problem on earth; what a privilege that we get to Carry His Love.

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