Some Personal Updates

I’m a little delayed in posting this since I wrote most of it on February 28th. However, I will go ahead and post it anyways and then write a follow-up to describe what happened on the Carry The Love Northwest tour.

Personal PicToday marks our first day of travel for our Carry The Love tour, where we, as an organization, will reach roughly sixty campuses in the course of two months with nights of activating students to love like Christ. My next two weeks will be spent in the Northwest going to university campuses including University of Montana, Whitworth, Seattle Pacific University, University of Washington, Oregon State, University of Oregon, and UNLV. Sitting in a hotel room near the Great Salt Lake, tonight is a good time to update you on what I have been doing. Usually I write about things in chronological facts or in terms of insights. However, I think it may be time to write about some of the more personal aspects of my life in Huntington Beach. I usually find writing about myself more difficult, but others (including the Lord) have convinced me that it’s something I ought to do.

Since returning to HB from my week-long trip to Montana in late January, I have been living with the leaders of our community, Brian and Christy Brennt. They are incredible leaders who started ministry as pastors in Tacoma. After seeing an incredible outpouring of the Spirit and writing a couple of books on living out our Christian lives free from the power of the enemy, they joined YWAM. Taking every step in obedience, they found themselves pioneering the Circuit Riders movement and guiding all of us young bloods. They felt like the Lord led them to invite two others guys and me to live with them for a couple months so they could train and disciple us.

Living with the Brennt’s has been amazing because I get to spend time everyday with two of my heroes, learning from them and experiencing the way they treat family and their relationships with God. I also live with three amazing brothers in Christ: Michael Pierce, Derek Mack, and Jonathan Zerkle. All three of these men challenge me every day to pursue Jesus more intensely and to walk in my calling in the Lord.

As a quick testimony, Derek and I went out on the HB pier a few weeks ago to tell people about Jesus. Walking along the pier, we started talking to a kid named Emmanuel. In short, Derek simply explained the gospel to him and Emmanuel immediately wanted to accept Jesus into his life and be a disciple! We got his number at the end of our conversation and then met with him again a couple days ago. We found out that the Lord is still working in his life and that he is an incredible artist. We could tell the Holy Spirit was working in his life since he was finding that he was being convicted to do and not do things that he had never thought twice about before giving his life to the Lord. We really believe that God is going to continue to encounter Emmanuel and that his whole family will be saved through him.

One of the most exciting parts of my life recently is that my sister, Tori, moved back to the States from Jordan and is now living just down the road from me in Huntington Beach (HB). She spent the last year and a half pursuing the Lord and ministering in the Middle East. She speaks Arabic and got plugged into an Arabic-speaking church in HB. Having her around is such a blessing since she and I have not lived in the same place since high school. She is one of the kindest, most servant-hearted people I know and is continually delighting herself in the Lord. I’m not sure of the entirety of the Lord’s plans for us together, but we have had some really fun dinner nights and prayer times together. We both love that the Lord is giving us opportunities to do ministry together as a family.

To conclude, my Grandma Doris Maude, one of the most loving people the world has seen, passed away in January. She had been fighting cancer and undergoing chemotherapy treatments for some time and finally her body had seen enough. Fortunately, all of her five daughters were there to share final moments and witness her passing. I saw her several days before she passed away and we had a good connection moment. I tried to do most of the talking since she was in a lot of pain, but she still found time to ask me about my life and let me know that, as always, she was praying for me. I also overheard her telling her nurse that she and the nurse “make a great team!” I will miss her joyful smiles and constant affection. She really did leave a legacy of love. To you, Grandma Doris!

1 thought on “Some Personal Updates

  1. Hi Miles. We were in Boise over the weekend and saw Brenda and Tony. Brenda shared some details about what you’re doing. Mary’s going to Idaho State University and has connections with a church ministering on campus. Lots of kids in her Honor’s Program have never even heard the Gospel! When are you sending a tour to Idaho??? Love you so much! Aunt Jannie 🙂


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